About Qingdao

Qingdao is an important economic center in China. It covers a total land area of 10,654 square kilometers and has a population of 8.5 million. Since the reform and opening-up, Qingdao’s GDP has maintained double-digit growth for more than ten consecutive years. In 2009, its GDP reached 489 billion RMB. Qingdao is making efforts to build a “Blue Economic Area” and a high-end industrial area along the Jiaozhou Bay coast. Emphasis will be placed on eight key industries, including:home appliances and electronics, petrochemicals, automobiles and railway engines, shipbuilding and marine engineering, textiles and clothing, food and beverages, machinery and iron and steel, and logistics.

Qingdao is an open city. As one of the first open coastal cities in China, Qingdao has established trade relations with 216 countries and regions around the world. It was rated as having the best investment environment in China by the World Bank, and listed as the “Best Business City in China” by Fortune magazine.

Qingdao is a port city. Qingdao has one of the ten largest ports in the world. Qingdao International Airport operates a total of 96 air routes worldwide.

Qingdao is a city of famous brands. It is known as the “City of Famous Brands” in China.

Qingdao is a marine science and technology center. One third of China’s marine research institutions and half of the country’s high-level marine researchers are located in Qingdao.

Qingdao is a model city for environmental protection. As a “China Habitat Award” winner, Qingdao won the right to host the World Horticultural Expo in 2014.

Qingdao is a tourist resort. It is one of the foremost centers of excellent tourist destinations in China.

Qingdao is an Olympic city. Qingdao successfully hosted the Olympic Sailing Regatta and Paralympic Sailing Regatta in 2008. Efforts are being made to develop the city into China’s “national sailing center.”